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Amped Up DJ Service

Amped Up DJ Service




Amped Up DJ Service
Calgary, Alberta


Contact: Grodon Moffat
Phone: 403-510-0333




          Amped Up DJ ServiceAmped Up DJ Service





Do You Want The Best Mix In Quality And Affordability?



We offer top line professional sound and lighting equipment as well as DJs with a minimum of ten years of  experience each.  With thousands of shows under our belts and a dedication to excellence, you can be sure that your party is safe in our hands.



What Makes Us Different



Many DJ companies make you choose between quality and affordability.  We believe in providing our customers with both.   Rather than giving a limited selection of choices for our entertainment packages, we like to work with our customers to customize a package that best fits their needs and budgets.  Our prices are highly competitive, and we don’t skimp on our services.  Every package comes with prizes and interaction included at no extra cost!




                  Amped Up DJ Service    




Why Choose Us



We know that weddings are a very special day and that the entertainment can make or break the reception.  This is a night you will remember for decades to come, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.  We will meet with the bride and groom ahead of time to discuss their vision for the night at no additional fee.  We believe in creating the best atmosphere possible to break the ice and help get people on the dance floor.



How Are We Different?



Many DJ companies will bring out a couple of small speakers and a couple of lights and charge you an arm and a leg for it.  We understand budgets are getting tighter these days, and we offer extremely competitive pricing.  We also aim to give you options in the size of your sound and lighting packages, as well as advice on what we feel will best suit your individual needs.  We go by the belief that one size does not fit all.



What Do We Offer?



In addition to the dance aspect of the evening we also offer dinner and cocktail music, music before and after the ceremony, and MC services.  As a further bonus we even offer free consultations.



We have recently added an option to add Karaoke packages on to any wedding.  With over 800 songs to choose from we can get your guests singing and laughing. 




We are offering $100 off all our packages booked for anytime in 2014.  This is a limited time offer that expires April 1st, so be sure to make your booking soon.